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Medal of Valor

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Lower Income Tax

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Daniel Linville

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Absentee Ballot

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Broadband & Oppertunity

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Why Am I Running?

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I believe in our state with all my heart.

I’ve watched West Virginia struggle for too long. Nearly my entire life I’ve felt that we’ve been slowly losing ground. We see it in our friends and family moving away to follow new opportunities. We see it in the decline in wages and jobs. The Mountain State has had it’s fair share of problems.

The time is right for new leadership in Charleston. I can help lead change in our state. We can grow our economy, and we will.

It’s time to stop settling for less than we deserve. It’s time to grow our state, to improve our incomes, our communities, and our lives.

It’s time to go to work. I will bring a vision of opportunity to Charleston. I will work every day to see us realize our potential. I want our family members that have moved away to return home. The only way to make that happen is to bring prosperity back to the Mountain State.

Things are already changing. There is enormous investment coming into our state, most recently with the announcement of an 80 Billion Dollar investment from China Energy. The federal government is finally getting out of our way, and even helping us to grow. We can’t be satisfied with this alone. We must continue to attract outside investment, new industries, and new jobs.

Together, we can grow our state, bring back great jobs, improve our quality of life, and solve the problems that face us. The time is now.

I ask for your support as we Make West Virginia Greater Than Ever Before!