I’m Proud Of Who We Are

Many politicians claim to be representative of West Virginia values, but are satisfied with a cliché left undefined. Since I am not a politician, I’m happy to define the values that I believe are representative of our state, and for which I will fight:

Loyalty – West Virginians are fiercely loyal. We’re loyal to our own. We’re loyal to our families, to our friends, to our ball teams and universities. I promise to be loyal to the people of the 16th district. I promise to listen to our people to weigh my votes carefully, and after doing so, cast votes which in my best judgment will be in the interest of our people.

Grit and Determination: We West Virginians are known for being determined to accomplish our goals, whatever the challenges in our way. I’ve witnessed the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, and our grit in the face of any hardship. I will show the same resolve in working to better our state in Charleston, to pass legislation which will better our state and bring solutions to the problems we face.

Freedom – Our state motto says it best, “Mountaineers are always free!” Our Great State was born out of our nation’s struggle in the Civil War. At our foundation lies the universal truth that all people are created equal. We are a people who believe that individual freedoms are essential to preserving opportunity for ourselves and our children. We are free in our persons, our property, our movement, and our thoughts. We are free in our speech, free in our press, and free to worship our God as we see fit. When I place my hand on the Holy Bible and swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, I will be mindful of the cost of the freedoms that Constitution guarantees.

Patriotism – Our state has a rich history of answering the call of these United States in times of need. As we all know, our state couldn’t bear the division of the Union and from our moment of creation as a state, we aided President Lincoln in the preservation of our country and values. When our country has had need of defense, West Virginians have always met the challenge. We’ve defended these values since our inception, and the price of freedom has been paid with the blood and sweat of countless West Virginians.

Self-Reliance – Instilled in all of us as West Virginians is a spirit of self-reliance. We rise to meet any challenge and do so with innovation and no small amount of determination. When the path before us seems dark and challenging, we find a way. I will work to empower our people to raise their status, and follow their dreams right here in this Wild and Wonderful state we call home.

I love our state and what we stand for. With your support, I will fight tirelessly to preserve these values and to promote opportunity for all West Virginians.